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Managing Financial Impacts and Reporting of Carbon Emissions

Guía diseñada para ayudar a los directores financieros y sus equipos a mejorar la gestión de los impactos financieros y realizar sus informes de emisiones de carbono

As governments introduce a range of policy responses to the challenge of climate change, business leaders including CFOs will be confronted with new risks and opportunities.

The ultimate aim of global action is to decouple economic growth from GHG emissions and create a low carbon global economy.  To do so, local and international policy responses are necessarily multifaceted.  They include initiatives to drive energy efficiency, support the development of viable renewable energy sources, carbon capture and storage and clean technologies along with the creation of a pricing mechanism for carbon.  Underpinning these initiatives are related reporting obligations essential to enable accurate measuring and monitoring of emissions and support decision-making by all stakeholders including governments, investors, financiers and business leaders.


  • Foreword
  • Executive summary
  • Pricing and reporting of carbon emissions
  • Understanding the entity’s position
  • Overview of the collection and processing of carbon emissions data
  • Managing the financial impacts
  • Overseeing reporting and assurance
  • Latest developments
  • Key terms
  • Further information
  • Key contacts

Provided: KPMG 

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