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NEWS | 2019

Release of World Energy Issues Monitor 2019 "Managing the Grand Energy Transition"

It is already available the 10th edition of the World Energy Issues Monitor Report " Managing the Grand Energy Transition ", a WEC project consolidated as one of the most relevant in the national scope.

Over 2,300 energy leaders from around the world have given their views to this new edition which includes 7 global maps, 6 regional maps and 50 national maps (including Spain). The maps provide local and regional perspectives on critical issues in the energy sector, how they change over time and differ across regions.

Global findings in 2019 include:

  • The global Energy Transition is driven by digitalisation, decarbonisation, decentralization.
  • raditional market design is under pressure to reform to enable renewable integration, respond to resilience challenges and incorporate the growing decentralisation movement.
  • lobal strategic competition and the rise of nationalism illustrated by a sharp increase of concerns around trade barriers will impact the pace of the Energy Transition.
  • ommodity prices that have been traditionally dominated by oil and gas seem to be incorporating key minerals such lithium and cobalt as they continue their rise in enabling integration of renewable energy and storage technologies
  • Resilience challenges and concerns around cyber threats, extreme weather and energy water nexus remain acute but with great differences in priority depending on the region.
  • Hydrogen - although on global average still a weak signal - is moving up in a number of countries including Germany, Japan, Iceland, New Zealand signalling

WEC has continued developing an interactive toolkit that presents the results of the report in an interactive and visual way. To access this tool, please visit:

The full report and the executive summary can be found:


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