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NEWS | 2018

Release of World Energy Issues Monitor 2018 "Perspectives on the Grand Energy Transition"

It is already available the 9th edition of the World Energy Issues Monitor Report "Perspectives on the Grand Energy Transition", a WEC project consolidated as one of the most relevant in the national scope.

Over 1,200 CEOs, Ministers and experts from around the world have given their views to this new edition which includes 9 global maps, 6 regional maps and 38 national maps (including Spain). The maps provide local and regional perspectives on critical issues in the energy sector, how they change over time and differ across regions.

Global findings in 2018 include:

  • Renewable energies are ranked high in terms of certainty and their high potential
  • Data Artificial Intelligence and mobile cloud are enabling the rise of the prosumer as new actors such as tech companies are entering the energy system
  • Digitalisation and cyber threats are perceived as a priority among energy leaders in OECD countries in comparison to non-OECD countries
  • Fossil fuels remain an important part of the world's global energy mix despite many countries increasingly incorporating clean energy policies.

This year's report includes an interactive toolkit that presents the results of the report in an interactive and visual way.

To access this tool, please visit:

The full report and the executive summary can be found:

Appointments new FEL-100 Board

CECME has reasons to be happy. Antonio Erias Rodríguez, one of the Spanish representatives in the Future Energy Leaders program, has been appointed on January 31, 2018 as one of the new member of the FEL Board, taking part of the Development Committee.

The mission of the Board is to coordinate and integrate the work of the FEL Community, which 100 young people of the energy sector worldwide belong to. The Board is composed of ten FEL-100 (three committees with three members each and the FEL Chair, complemented by the FEL Secretary) and will take the lead in April 2018, for a 3-year term.

For additional informationr: PDF archive and Future Energy Leaders.


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