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The World Energy Council (WEC) is a non-governmental, non-aligned and objective organization established in 1923. For almost a century, the Council has been leading the global energy debate, fostering ideas and promoting actions worldwide in order to achieve sustainable, safe, and affordable energy access.

It is an UN-accredited institution which represents more than 3000 organizations -public and private- in almost 100 countries that constitute a wide spectrum of national energy interests including industry, administration, and bodies involved in the energy sector, plus the academic world in its broadest sense.

The World Energy Council reports and guides the strategies in the energy sector at the international, national, and regional level, by organizing high-level events, publishing studies and fostering collaboration between the members of an extensive net in order to facilitate a dialogue that allows the creation of energy policies. The independent and inclusive task of the Council involves the entire energy spectrum.

To the purpose of guiding legislators and leaders of the sector for adopting best decisions, the World Energy Council has developed the concept of 'Energy Trilemma' in order to face the current triple challenge of obtaining safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy. By finding the means to balance the Energy Trilemma, the Council collaborates with legislators in order to approach their actions in creating political frameworks which are predictable. This, on the other hand, implies a reduction of risks and contributes to attract the necessary funding for sustainable energy projects to survive.

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