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CECME | What does the CECME do?

The main activities of CECME are:

  • It distributes reports, publications, and analysis issued by the World Energy Council.
  • It represents the Spanish energy sector in the Executive Assemblies and in the World Energy Congresses.
  • It selects Spanish experts to collaborate with the World Energy Council working groups.
  • It collaborates with the Regional Forums of the World Energy Council.
  • It's present in the diverse Permanent Committees of the World Energy Council.
  • It collaborates with all the activities of the World Energy Council.
  • It promotes the Spanish presence in the program of Future Energy Leaders of the Council.
  • It organizes relevant events on the energy national agenda.
  • It publishes books and reports on the energy sector.
  • It fosters partnerships with reference bodies in other sectors of energy that underpin the vision of CECME.
  • It collaborates in events and forums of other organizations.



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