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Web del Club Español de la Energía. New page Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), founded in 1957, is a subscription-only weekly newsletter focusing on the region's energy strategies and developments, within their economic and political contexts.

MEES charts trends in oil and gas, and the industries that rely on them. While MEES' core coverage is of the Middle East, North Africa, East Mediterranean and the Caspian region, it also provides weekly analysis of developments relating to OPEC and to international organizations involved in the global oil and gas markets. On the political front, MEES is alert to trends that could pose risks to the oil and gas sector.

Available in both print and electronic edition, MEES draws on the experience of more than 50 years of uninterrupted publication to offer exclusive insights to its subscribers. In addition to articles by its team of analysts, MEES provides a platform for international experts to share their views with the newsletter's high-profile readership. Also available to subscribers is access to the MEES on-line Archives. Visit us at:

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