Barcelona, October 24 and 25 2011 Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I- Avda. Diagonal, 661-671 08028 Barcelona


Energy is a vital element for development and an important vector that conditions social and economic scenarios of the existing and future society. It is also a matter of growing interest considering how demand will continue increasing in the years to come.

In the Mediterranean area, energy is considered a relevant sector for collaboration, mainly in terms of security of energy supply in the EU as well as for the harmonious and stable development of the Mediterranean partners.

The Euromediterranean Energy Forum, regional meeting of reference on energy issues, will be celebrating its fifth edition on the 24th and 25th of October 2011 in Barcelona. During this important event - which will turn the "Ciudad Condal" in to the Euromediterranean capital of energy - prestigious members from governments and international institutions, as well as top level representatives from energy companies with activities oriented to the Mediterranean region, will have the opportunity to get together.

Organized by the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub) and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) - in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfMS), the Mena/OECD Investment Programme, and the Obervatoire Méditerranéen de l´Energie (OME)- the Forum´s central theme will be "The Integrated Energy and Climate Policy in the European Union and its Influence in the Mediterranean Region".

Following the previous meetings that have been held every two years since 2005, the key goal of this Forum will be to analyze the current situation and main challenges related to energy that the countries in the region are facing. All this, encouraging a constructive dialogue addressed towards cooperation, development and strengthening the relations between the different actors involved.

This policy of cooperation should consider the entire Mediterranean basin as a strategic geographical area in the production and consumption of energy. It should also try to ensure security of supply through formulas by which consuming countries acquire a commitment to stability in demand and the producing countries in supply, within an aim of sustainable growth, where the environment is also considered a key element.

In order for the debates to be as deep and dynamic as possible, the programme has been structured in an Opening session, three Plenary Sessions, four Working Groups and a Closing Session.

The Plenary Sessions´ themes will be "Security of Supply in the Mediterranean to Insure Stability and Prosperity", "The EU Energy and Environmental Objectives for 2020: Mediterranean Countries Cooperation" and "Technology Transfer and Projects Financing".

The Working Groups will analyze in detail issues such as "Water and Energy: Resources, Consumption and Rational Use", "The Mediterranean Region and the Post-Kyoto Agreements: Current Situation and Perspectives", "Interconnection Infrastructures: South - South & South - North" and "Industrial Initiatives: Desertec, Mediterranean Solar Plan, etc.".

In the framework of the Forum, the MENA-OECD Business Council Task Force on Energy and Infrastructure Working Session will be meeting in order to identify obstacles to private and public investment in this sector.

The V Euromediterranean Energy Forum aims to discuss about one of the sectors contributing most to economic growth and social welfare - energy -, to encourage collaboration, mutual understanding and consensus among actors involved in this issue in the Mediterranean, while analyzing the recent events in the North of Africa and in the energy sector, as well as the possible consequences they may have on these countries and the rest of the World


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